New PM recipient needs advice please

I had a PM implanted November 2007 and am told I am doing fine, a diagnosis that I generally accept. However, I do have the usual recipient's insecurities about this new device in my body. If you can help me with information about the following, I'd be grateful. (1) I know that blood pressure meds can make one lightheaded if one rises or stands quickly, but will the PM increase the dizziness? (2) Is there a momentary lag between the time one rises and the tiem the PM PM adjusts to the body's new needs? (3) In the three + months I have had the PM, I have never fainted, but I still have this problem with dizziness and rising suddenly, and, yes, I have noticed that if I am very measured in rising (i.e. if I take my time) I do not have this issue. So, I'm just curious about some of the experiences you have had during your first few months that might add light to my understanding of these situations. Again, sincere thanks for any information that you can contribute.


All I have known for 22 years

by Pacing13 - 2008-02-13 09:02:48

Yes, I have always had problems with getting up suddenly and feeling dizzy. Especially if I am standing and just bend over for awhile, when I get back up I feel very faint and dizzy. Some times even just "foggy" in my head. I had had 3 implants going on number 4 and this is all I have known. I have learned to adjust my movements.


Positional Hypotension

by BOB 1 - 2008-02-13 10:02:11

What you describe is could be something called positional hypotension. That is when you rise to fast from a sitting or prone position the rate of blood flow to the entire body is altered with the lower extremities getting more than their fair share for a few seconds. This decreases the blood flow to the brain for those few seconds and this causes the dizzy feeling. For some this can be bad enough to cause them to black out. For those of us that are lucky, we just get dizzy.

I had this problem long before I got my pacemaker and if the pacemaker had any effect one way or the other I never noticed it. However it is something that if you haven't already done so, you should talk to your doctor about as there are many medications that can cause this problem.


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