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Long story short...

I had my pacemaker device changed in late June.
I had a lead extraction done at the same time.
My cardiologist has never done a lead extraction so I went to another doctor in another city to have done. Research and references from docotor all highly reccomended.

In my check up with my doctor, found that there is a possibility that the leads are plugged into the wrong sides. So, they are into my heart in the correct side and place but into the device itself, they might be wrong. So the right side is plugged into the left....and vice versa. If your doctor was telling you that this will not be a problem for your future and they will leave them as is, would that fly with all of you??

Simple question, would this be alright with you even if you were told that there should be no complications? OR knowing that it is not right be enough for you to be irritated??

Thanks in advance for all your comments :)
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Second opinion...

by dward - 2008-08-14 02:08:51

Get one.

Are you kidding?!!

by bambi - 2008-08-15 11:08:11

Obviously you're not, but OMG! I used to laugh when I heard about Dr.'s amputating the wrong limb, taking out the wrong organ, treating non existing cancer or other disease, until I found out the sobering truth that it's true! This mistake with you seems the result of pacemaker surgery becoming so common and routine, that many EP's perform up to 6 a day! What I can't understand is why your Dr. can't own up to the mistake and just fix it! Frank does shed some light on that issue though! I'm sorry you are the victim of this medical mistake. Keep us posted!

No it isn't alright.

by ElectricFrank - 2008-08-15 12:08:39

The pacemaker lead connections go to different circuits in the pacemaker. The atrial signals and timing are very different from the ventricles. While it is possible to program the pacer to function with reversed leads, the operation is anything but optimal.
This is not a difficult thing to determine and correct. Ask for a checkup with the pacemaker manufacturer rep. He can check the sensed signals for each lead and determine which chamber they are in.
Then if the are actually reversed it is only a matter of opening up the pocket and reversing the leads. While it never pleasant to have any kind of surgery, this is not difficult at all.

Keep in mind that the only reason they aren't suggesting correcting the problem is that they can't charge to correct their mistake.

It is really sad when we have to treat a doc like a used car salesman, but tht is where medicine is these days.



by ElectricFrank - 2008-08-16 01:08:09

You would think they would notice your heart beating backwards. "Dub Thub" instead of "Thub Dub". LOL


Unrelated but important

by amshirley - 2009-02-16 05:02:39

All comments above are absolutely correct you deserve proper treatment.

But I read in a conversation with someone that you have had succesful replacement lead with a doctor that has done over 200 changes. I have to do a replacement lead change and live in Jamaica and they have said they can not perform that here. I have no clue where to go and need a reliable doctor and hospital. Please I would appreciate any advise of what the procedure is like and recovery and where to go.
I would appreciate any reply from you or anyone else who can assist in this matter. My email is also amartin_shirley@hotmail.com

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