I have had my pacemaker for 1 yr now. My question is does any one that has a pace maker, does you shoulder burn like it is a strain on it where the pm is. I haven't had any more problems since I got the pm. I was just interest to know. How much weight are you suppose to pickup with the pm in anyway.




by gsue55 - 2008-01-31 07:01:00

I just had my Pm moved under a muscle...I had it done 2 weeks ago so...still in the recovery stages here. Mine was moving & I couldn't stand it any longer. It hurt like the dickens. It would get up under my collar bone or it would feel like it was going into my arm pit.

I will keep you posted on my recovery.



by heckboy - 2008-01-31 11:01:18

I think after a year, you can pick up as much weight as you want. I went back to the gym after 4 months or so and took it slow at first. Just go through the motions at first and slowly add weight.

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