go figure

well frank i only saw the doc intern in nov.this doc gave me the drug i have not seen her since.it appears the docs i see now do not want to take responsibility of the situation.this drug was given to me ,i was informed it was the only drug that will work.now i find out it is the last drug they give you if all else fails.i have read the fda report that is 27 pages on amiodarone.they still do not follow up the way i have read the directions on the drug,i should be monitered close.what a joke!!!!! I see no solution right now ,i have to figure out my options.QUICK TO GIVE ME THE DRUG.DONT HOLD MY BREATH FOR HELP ON IT.


don't let the bastards get you down

by ccmoore - 2008-06-05 01:06:34

Electric frank has said it best 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease'.

I am beginning to feel like Rodney Dangerfield, 'what can't I some respect here'.

I am coming up on 3 week since ICD install and I can't get doctor attention. I have resorted to faxing him current conditions, at least a have a record of what I told him. I would use email, but his staff says that while he has an email address, he doesn't check it. That helps a lot. As long as be are bashing doctors let's use names, Dr Cacho, Stockton, CA. His office is real efficient running hearts through at an amazing rate but that doesn't leave time for follow-up or a time to ask questions.

I am going to assume that you have run amiodarone thru Google. There is an extensive article by the Academy of American Family Physicians.

Keep asking the Dr. for follow-up. Sometimes you have to become a pain in the a** to get any response.


Amiodarone and a Trip to the Other Side

by TwoCents - 2008-06-05 04:06:39

Amiodarone was responsible for my husband's trip to the "Other Side". Fortunately, after nine difibrillations and a very burned chest he rejoined me on "This Side". Amiodarone can have "proarrythmic" properties in a small percentage of people, and my husband was the "small percentage". At the time it was prescribed (about 17 or 18 years ago) the doctor called it a "big gun" medication. Things were pretty dramatic for a while which I won't go into. He was told he needed an ICD. We immediately hopped a plane and went to the Cleveland Clinic (which is where the original doctor trained). The docs at the Cleveland Clinic pronounced him with a normal heart and not in need of an ICD. The problem we now had with the amiodarone is that he was loaded with it and it takes around 6 months to disappear from the system. I was told he was in "extreme danger" until it was out of his system and I was trained to carry a portable difib. I followed him around for 6 months with this contraption. Amiodarone caused a life altering situation for us. Now, I'm sure your doc would be unhappy to have me tell you amiodarone "war stories". Truly, I believe that many people are probably helped by this drug and as with many things there is always the bad story. Just ask any woman that's ever had a baby and all the "bad pregnancy" stories surface. Just be aware and ask your doctor for all information. Educate yourself fully and insist on reasonable and complete answers from your medical team. I have a great doctor for my particular situation, but it has taken a lot of proactive effort and occasionally being a pain in the rear to get good responsible medical care. To all--rise up, take responsiblilty for educating yourself and then stand firm with the medical people to do their job. Two Cents

Pulmonary function tests with Amiodarone

by ted - 2008-06-06 02:06:59

I have been on Amiodarone for ten years with no apparent side effects. My doctor likes Amiodarone and says that adverse effects are more prevalent at high doses. However, it is important that they perform pulmonary function tests regularly. I take 100 mg. per day and have pulmonary function tests and chest x-rays every three months.

go figure

by walter - 2008-06-06 03:06:34

the problem is i read to much on the drug amiodarne.the other is trying to get one of the doctors to accept responsability . it seems no one wants too.therefore no one wants to lower or up or even take me off the drug..go-figure

Follow ups

by Bionic Beat - 2008-06-06 11:06:18

You MUST have follow-ups when taking Amiodarone!
My understanding, is that you need chest Xrays and blood work, not sure how frequently but you NEED them for sure.

The blood work is to test kidney function and Amiodarone can cause problems within the lung, hence the Xrays.

Do all the reading you can, Mayoclinic dot com, Cleveland Clinic dot com and any other good sites.

Then, just keep after them, til you're getting appropriate care.
You are entitled to be proper care.

Good luck.

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