most insertion running

I am 4 days post insertion of my pacemaker with SA node dysfunction. Until last Friday I have always run competitavely and trained about 60k a week.
I am keen to get back to racing 10k & half marathons.
Any advice?
With thanks


My two cents worth

by gevans - 2008-01-23 02:01:33

Welcome to the club John,

I too, am a former competitive distance runner (2:38 PR) and I couldn't wait to test my new "training partner" after years of declining performance. I was cautioned not to run for six weeks (my cardiologist knew of my obsessive nature and purposely advised more than adequate time for the leads to scar into place). To experience the "endorphine high" again (perceived or imagined), I tried to race walk within the first few days...but the device was not yet seated in the pouch (bounced around a bit - very uncomfortable) so I eventually gave in and just walked briskly until my first re-check in two weeks.

By then the site was less painful to the touch and the swelling was almost entirely gone so he let me start to slowly increase my pace. I was suprised at how quickly I lost conditioning as I would be fatigued after 2 or 3 miles, but by week six I did a hilly eight miler at a comfortable (8:45) pace. I had a bit of a set-back the next day, but it was not related to the PM, and I've had to lay off another few months.

I'm now back to training, but I must wear a heart-rate monitor and not go over 150 BPM (which only occurs if I run hills, or try to sprint). Consequently, I will shift my emphasis on ultras so that I don't get tempted to "push the limits" and will just savor the journey. That is another matter entirely (use personal messenger if you need clarification) but suffice to say there are plenty of folks on this site that still compete.

If you want to investigate other's experiences try using the "search" tab in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. You can type "running, racing, marathons, etc" and will be directed to previous posts. There is also another site specifically for cardiac athletes (private message me for details - click on the senders name for a bio and "mail" symbol) but I don't want to endorse another site here and take you away from our wonderful members or their wealth of knowledge and experience.

I wish you the best - keep us posted,


Exercise and pacemaker

by Cycledoc - 2008-01-23 10:01:14

I'm relatively new to this, having had the pacemaker placed in November. I'm am a recreational cyclist.

I had problems with the setting on my pacemaker (Guidant insignia). My rate increased rapidly to near maximum with minimal activity. These gadgets have several ways of measuring your metabolic need (mine has an accelerometer and a measure of my breathing rate). In my case it didn't work right because the pacemaker may have been measuring chest wall muscle activity. Several setting adjustments were necessary.

To speed the process I'd suggest when the wound is healed and you are feeling better that you have an exercise test with the electrophysiologist adjusting the pacemaker so it responds appropriately to your activity.

Good luck

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