Test of Effort today


Thought I would let you know how my Test of Effort (riding a cycle whilst wearing an ECG) went.

Apparently, my cardiologist said that I was fine and in fact I had improved from my first check up. Good news. I asked about the ectopic or missed beats which I felt whilst exercising or sometimes just sitting. He said that everyone suffered with these, they were innocent and that I should ignore it.

I also asked what percentage was I making use of the PM. He said that until the six month check he could not tell me. He suspected that because my heart rate has been set at 50 and before PM my heart dropped each night to 29/30 I was using it through the night and sometimes when I rested in the evening. Not in the day if my heart goes over 50. Hopefully Electric Frank will let me know if that answer seems good.

He also confirmed that I was doing well without Beta Blockers and said to keep taking the magnesium and small aspirin per day.

My question is, why oh why am I still concerned about these so called innocent flutters!

Never mind I am going to concentrate on regaining my stamina and strength in my legs both of which I have lost since last September being the last time I really exercised hard.

Well my next check is in September, so if I have any questions I think I will put them to the site, because I understand the language spoken here.



Hi Jules,

by Gellia2 - 2008-04-03 02:04:51

Glad to hear that you are doing well! That IS good news.
Those little flutters and skipped beats. I, too, get them. All the time. I get runs of PVC's and have AF. The only thing I can suggest when it occurs is to take a deep breath and get up and walk around. It seems to work for me by helping to break the pattern. It's hard to believe that those feelings could be "innocent" but I've been getting them the whole 33 years that I've had a PM and I'm still ticking! I guess I have adopted the attitude that if my heart is beating....I'm OK.
When you feel those innocent flutters, try taking a deep breath and walking around a bit. Hope it helps.
Glad you're doing better.
Best to you,


by Jules - 2008-04-04 02:04:21

Well according to the Cardiologist in France Magnesium can assist in missed beats and flutters. Not sure how but they do treat ectopic beats with this a high dosage for three to four days and then down to the minimum.

Best check with someone with more knowledge on the subject but I take 250mg of magnesium per day. Not sure of the dosage for the short term boost.

Might be worth asking this question of your cardio in United States.

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