I am now into my third week since the PM. I have another appointment for fine tuning on the 22nd Feb.

When can I start my cycling. I am walking about 5 miles a day and part of that is up hill.

Am still fighting the fatigue through the Beta Blockers but have reduced the dosage with the say so of the doc.

Any advice.


Take your doctors advice...

by johng - 2008-02-05 05:02:51

How much exercise and effort you can take depends on your general health, and your medical condition.

The golden rule for any physical training is simple,
Dizzyness or shortness of breath is your body's way of saying STOP.
Rest and start again at a lower rate.

Remember you have had a surgical "procedure" (to quote the Medics).
This can cause stress and physical tiredness.
Give yourself time, it does get better.


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