Hi All,
I just had my 6 months PM Checkup this a.m. and it is pacing quite nicely. Thanks to you, my newfound friends, I was able to ask some intelligent questions; some of which I had thought about and never asked. Others were about things I learned here. I feel better now that I know a bit more about my PM. I know that my levels are 70 to 130 which I didn't know. I know that my lead in the lower chamber has not had to pace, but the one in the upper chamber is pacing about 50% of the time. I don't know if this is good or bad??? What do you folk think?

I also asked about the sensation at the PM I had for a couple of days which I asked you guys about when I first joined this group and was told not to worry about it; some people had them.

I recd my PM in August 2005 which is a Medtronic.

I was also told that my leads are NOT on the recall list which was a tremendous relief!

Thanks again to whoever set up this Group. It is wonderful!
Margaret in South Carolina


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