43 with a PM now for 9 days and feeling good. Back to work now for two days. First beer today! But what about skiing? Dr says no sporting activity/lifting/reaching with the left arm for 3 weeks after the operation, but then "whatever you did before you can do with the PM". What I'm wondering is whether any of you out there have direct experience getting back on the slopes? Its winter and I wanna ski - so do my three girls!!

Same question goes for surfing.....



go for it (but not yet)

by CathrynB - 2008-01-18 07:01:12

Yep, I've had my PM for one year, I was a skier for 30 years before that, and I'm back at it now. My family and I went skiing on Christmas Eve, and my husband and I are going to Colorado to ski at Breckenridge next month. Doctors advice regarding how long to limit lifting your left arm above your shoulder seems to vary greatly, but more often than not, it seems people are told 6 weeks, as my EP advised. I personally wouldn't have considered skiing before 6 weeks. I would say take it easy on the slopes this season -- ski less aggressively, try really hard not to fall, then don't worry about it next season unless your doctor advises differently. You don't want any direct impact on your PM (imagine falling forward onto your ski pole, hitting your PM with the pole). And watch out for those crazy, out-of-control snowboarders (at least that's the way they are here, near Seattle). Blake, the guy who created and manages this website, is also a skier. I'm 51 years old, for what that's worth.
Glad to hear the post op period is going well for you and you're feeling good.
Take care, CathrynB


by dward - 2008-01-19 01:01:54

I would wait.
Mine was in Golf season and I had to miss 6 weeks.
If I had to, you have to also.

Seriously, you WANT to fully heal. Skiiing is great, but so is your health.

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