Switching from Amiodarone to Tikosyn

After my atrial flutter broke through 4 ablations and many meds such as sotalol, the doctors put me on amiodarone about 17 months ago. I haven't had any problems since then. Since I'm in my mid-30s my new doctor doesn't want to keep me on amiodarone as it has so many bad side effects, some of which I'm already experiencing (like an extreme reaction to the sun). The plan is to switch me to tikosyn in a few weeks. I have to be off the amiodarone for 4-6 weeks first, which is a bit scary. I feel that my heart could start racing at any moment. Has anyone out there switched from amiodarone to tikosyn? If so, what was the outcome? I've been told tikosyn doesn't have any of the bad side effects, I just hope it works as well for me as the amiodarone has!



by Peter.Nash - 2008-03-25 04:03:07

It is probably best to go with what your doc says.. but I switched from Amiodarone to mexitiline and then to Sotalol with out and wait with no ill effects... only for the good .. in fact I took the two latter together for a while... hope all goes well for you ...Peter. N


by thomast - 2008-03-25 06:03:55

I went from amiodarone to sotalol Was only off Amiodarone 2 weeks started sotalol made me sick as a dog for 3 months, changed to Tikosyn from sotalol in one day in the hospital. Have been on it almost 3 years with no side effects that I know of.

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