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My wife received an ICD 15 months ago & is doing well. However, her doctor has advised her to lose weight & get in shape. She is willing to use a elliptical trainer - but, all the ones I've seen have heart-rate monitors in the handles (you place your hands around the metal hand-holds & they measure your heart rate). I am leery of these since she says that her doctor told her not to stand on a weight scale that determines fat content (similar electrical method?). Anyone have any knowledge, experience, advice as to what equipment and/or accessories we can use (and how), and what to avoid? (BTW: her doctor told her to avoid hair dryers, though all the info I've seen says they're OK).



by kyle0816 - 2007-12-24 03:12:29

I have an ICD and use the heart rate monitor around my chest that is relayed to my watch when I work out. Maybe that's the way to go. You could call the manufacturer of the ICD and ask them if it's ok or not, I know Medtronic has a toll free number for patients to call with any questions. No sure which brand you have.

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by Lotti - 2007-12-24 06:12:52

Hello. I do not have an ICD, just a pacemaker so I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along shortly. I have excercised at the gym not only using the grip readers for your heartrate but actualy weraing a personal one around my chest too. I had heard of varying reports about these things but both my cardio and Polar (manufacturers) were OK with it. I can not say however if things are different with an ICD. Best to check with your cardio. I have even used sonic toothbrushes quite safely, not that that will do your excercise much good LOL.
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Just turn it off...

by dward - 2007-12-25 12:12:39

E Trainers that have a rate monitor, run on batteries, or have an on/off switch. Just turn it off, keep the batteries out, whatever.
It shouldn't interfere, but if you're at all concerned - simply keep the rate monitor OFF.
Just an additional thought - ETs get boring very quickly. We opted to get into the havit of going for a walk. Better air, meet people, new sights, different routes... much more fulfilling if you have the option. Also, try looking up "Nordick Walking" on google - you may find that pretty cool.
Best of luck to you!!!!


by dward - 2007-12-25 12:12:58

That's "Nordic" walking.
Seirously, look it up on google!

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