How restricted should I stay?

3 months post PM. Im 28 and a former college athlete. Specifically, I played Softball for UNLV. According to to my St. Jude device brochure I cant play softball or ride horses. Does anyone do this regularly? These are two of my favorite past times. Also, I am getting back to exercise. Ive lost 20lbs from my pre PM weight 180, but I was told by my EP and Cardiologist not to do sit ups or push ups. Im not so worried about the no push ups but I really need to do something about my tummy. Im 3 months post partum with my second child and I need for my tummy to go AWAY. Please help, any advise is greatly appreciated.



by bini - 2008-03-08 07:03:22

I think each person is told different things by different Dr's. I was told never to do any real contact boxing...
I Used to be a very active horse back rider and when I get the money back again, I am hoping to ride some more. Of course falling off a horse can damage a PM or the leads but I think that if you just do casual riding you should be OK. I would check with your cardio just to make sure he feels it safe for you.
About exercise, I would check with your cardio to see what he would recommend you doing.
Anyway, I hope this helps...good luck with everything!



by sweetkozy - 2008-03-09 03:03:03

Hey there! I am 27 and enjoy playing sports. I was also told by my EP that I could pretty much do any sport I wanted except extreme contact sports. I still play softball here and there. I can do situps and pushups and pilates. Nothing has affected me doing these types of exercises. Situps I would think would be ok after 3 months, but you might want to wait a little longer on pushups. With the pushups, I tend to put a little more weight on my right arm, because it does feel a little different on my left. I would definitely talk to your doctor first, but I have had no problems playing sports or exercising. Oh....and the horseback riding.....I have been horseback a few times since the PM implant. Every device says what you can and can not do a little differently. My brochure says hardly any limits for sports and nothing for horseback riding!



by dettiger2003 - 2008-03-09 09:03:16

I have had a pacemaker since I was 4 I am now 26 my Dr told me I could play sports but not organized because coaches push to hard as long as you pace yourself you should be fine.

Softball and volleyball

by Pacing13 - 2008-03-09 12:03:14

Pacer28 -

I played softball and volleyball through high school and college years. My doctor has always told me to lead a normal life, and so I do.
I was advised to stay away from most "jerking and pulling" type excersise for 3-6 months after each of my implants.

Hang in there :)


by gevans - 2008-03-27 03:03:20

I know of several power lifters, one has his own website ( ) and they have been doing major lifting after a PM implantation with no trouble whatsoever. I lift regularly myself, but nothing compared to these guys.


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