Hello Again

Hello Everyone how have you been? Things have been crazy down here in Florida and only seem to be getting Crazier. I have midterms and Biketoberfest Starts on the 16th. Just when I thought things were going to slow down. But anyways, I went for my Check up in September. Things seem to be going great. My little buddy pacer has kept me Alive through 7000 Heart Pauses. My tech also told me that is shows that my Heart Pauses alot at night while im sleeping. Scary. I was glad to find this out but it makes me so angry at my doctors because they told me that there was nothing wrong with me when I first started having problems in my childhood. I am just so lucky that I am here today. Well time to go study for those midterms. Hope all is well with you all.... Love ya guys....




by Rodrigues - 2008-10-09 04:10:24

reason for my PM is that my heart pauses between 7 to 10 second only in my sleep that is the part that I can not understand,awake all is OK.


titanium rocks!

by Tracey_E - 2008-10-09 09:10:15

Isn't technology wonderful?!

Good luck with midterms!


by tcrabtree85 - 2008-10-10 06:10:50

Hey Girl,
Take it easy and don't do too much lil missy. Have fun with all your activities and remember to drink plenty of water. Oh and don't worry about things you will be fine you are blessed and will get through everything and don't let those docs get to you so much. Just let it go and see the blessing that you are here and I have a dear friend to talk to about things.

Be blessed!

Life is good? You call it!

by joy1 - 2008-10-10 12:10:50

hey Princess,
We all have a purpose in this life and you were meant to be here for some reason. Who knows the number of people you have and will continue to impact with your life.

Kepp working hard in school!

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