Well it has been 9 weeks since my surgery and my swelling has finally gone down. I am very happy with how things turned out with my surgery but there are a few things that are a little wrong. My scar is a little lumpy and itches like crazy at times. And there are times where I have shooting pains in my arm pit area. You cant see pacemaker except for when I lift my arm you can kinda notice a little difference in the area. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Thanks All,


Whatz up?

by uvagershwin - 2008-02-07 07:02:08

Hey girl. Well, I kinda know how you feel, except for the part about being able to see the PM when lifting your arm, on account of my fat(JK). That's great that it is healing so quick! Yeah, my scar was itchy for awhile, but I got over it in time. See ya later!


by OIMAPRINCESS2477 - 2008-02-07 09:02:12

Yea I am allergic to adhesive but I dont think that is the problem with the itching. I also think that i may have some more sutures under there that have not dissolved so I am waiting for the doctor to call back. I had to have some removed a few weeks ago because the incision wouldn't close. Thanks for the advice.



by ela-girl - 2008-02-07 09:02:59

Hi, Britt.

I, too, had problems with an itchy incision. It ended up being a tape rash from the clear tape they put over the area after they "glued" me together. I was surprised that I had this allergic reaction because it didn't really flare up until well after a month. I'm not saying this is what you have because I'm no doctor and don't know what they used on your incision, but it could be. I also had little bumps all over the place when this happened. My incision area even now still gets itchy from time to time for whatever reason. I just rub a tissue over it to 'scratch' and it's fine. I'm sure others will put their experiences here for you on this one. My doctor didn't let me use any creams on it to help (at least right away) because he was afraid of any infection. But you are 9 weeks out so...

I don't know anything about arm pit pain, though. Never had that problem!

Best of luck! Let us know how you fare!


by peter - 2008-02-08 04:02:19

My pacemaker has been in for nearly 12 months. I have 2 leads. I find that I get an internal itching even now and
I think it is the excess lead that is coiled up around the pacemaker that is causing the itch sensation. Its intermittent thankfully. Im not too bothered by it. Cheers Peter

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