Soccer team!

I am soooo excited! My friend from church is going to give me papers on her soccer team to join! Their team only has 12 players, so they kinda need help. I haven't played on a team since second grade! Have tried out, but my doctor doesn't know, but I don't care. I absolutly love the sport, but since my PM was moved to my chest I haven't played.



by pacergirl - 2008-02-17 09:02:46

That is pretty darn amazing! Yoo Hoo!!!!
Now a few words of caution...... please be careful!
I am So very, very happy for you!
love, pacergirl!

helping with the soccer team

by ZoieS - 2008-03-05 07:03:01

Hi uvagershwin,
I read your post regarding your love of the sport soccer. My daughter has had her pm since she was 3 years of age, now 9(3/26). I am in the process of developing a protective gear(patent pending) to wear when one with a pm plays sports. I would love to take a few minutes of your time to ask a few questions. My direct email is I appreciate your feedback!

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