Museum frenzy

Whoa... I went on a field trip to D.C on Thursday. Well, the first stop was the Holocaust museum. My mom chaperoned and she said she didn't think that the metal detectors would go off. They did, one big dude searched me with the wand thing, and let me go. Then we went to the National Archives. But that, I was smart and showed my card! Long story short- always show your card!



by heckboy - 2008-02-03 05:02:06

Next time, you should stop them before they use the wand. While airport metal detectors are not a problem, the hand held wands can be. Both my Dr and the St Jude rep said to not let myself be wanded.


by MHCHAMPION - 2008-02-03 06:02:12

I agree with heckboy. Both Medtronic and my Dr. said no wanding.


by jessie - 2008-02-03 06:02:50

they have amagnetic force. last time i flew the 23rd of dec. she tried to come at me with a wand and i put my hand up. she was not educated about the wands . pretty sad eh!!!!!!!!!!!well she is now. i had a body search or feel or whatever and no problem. jessie


by heckboy - 2008-02-03 06:02:55

The wand could do a couple of things as I understand it. The magnetic field could reset your PM's program to its default, or your PM could interpret the field as your heart actually working and your PM will temporarily stop.

I've had some undereducated security people come at me with wands and I wave them off asking, "aren't you people supposed to ask permission just in case I have a pacemaker? Because I do." They usually trip over themselves apologizing after that. They are either in a routine and not thinking or horribly under-trained and don't know what to do. Either way, if you refuse the wand, they will have to accommodate you.

Funny story, I had to go to the courthouse recently where they were wanding everyone. I said that they couldn't wand me and they said I couldn't come in unless I was wanded. I said it was Doctor's orders and asked for his name as nicely as I could just so I could document everything. All of the sudden a supervisor appeared that let me in a side door.

Just be nice, but firm. Don't let people push you around. There are uninformed security people everywhere.


by uvagershwin - 2008-02-03 06:02:56

Uh oh! Why are wands a problem?


by janetinak - 2008-02-03 09:02:16

I recently was wanded (before I knew it was happening-came from behind me). Stopped when I told him I had a PM but also said "I know what I am doing". Oh yeah!! I had a very slight moment of dizziness which passed fairly quickly as soon as wand taken away. I told him I had a PM. Anyhow, called my EP office & nurse said as I am completely PM dependent probably shut it off for as split second & to come in if problems. No problems tho.

Just came back from Seattle & then on to Sacramento. Never any problem as I stand back & ask for a hand search. TSA in Anchorage, Seattle & Sacramento know what they are doing. As above, just say "No, thanks to wand & to walk thru thing. I have metal knees too. Lot easier on everybody if you get the rubber glove treatment-Hah!



by heckboy - 2008-02-03 09:02:53

Go get 'em, Jane. "I know what I'm doing." What a boob.

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