Hey I just wanted to see if anyone out there has ever tried the grape fruit diet?!?! It says it a heart healthy diet and the have heart patients who need to lose weight do it. I wanna start and I wanted to see if anyone knows anything about it.


Wow! Talk about a blast from the past!

by pacergirl - 2008-01-16 11:01:40

Yes, I have, however it was in the very late 60's or early 70's. As I recall it was not a healthy diet and it wasn't a good diet. I was just barely a teen at the time. Now I don't know if it is the same diet you were asking about but it has brought back some memories! At the time I probably weighted about 110 pounds! My Mother had a fit when she found out!

I would not encourage anyone to start a diet that you have not run by your dr. It is not a balanced diet and could cause some problems with some of the medications you might be taking. There are certain drugs that grapefruit interferes with or causes them to be useless. I myself was taking one of those drugs... I just can't recall which one it was.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

You tell them Jessie!

by Saphire416 - 2008-01-17 05:01:54

Low fat diets are the way to go I have now lost 118 pounds but its not really a diet its a way of life. Fats are bad for you heart it makes your cholesterol higher builds up the plaque in your bloodstream just does all around nasty stuff. Stick to chicken and fish pasta veggies and fruits and lots of water to flush your system. Eat 6 small meals a day and try to do a little exercise if you can. Water is very important. Jessie is doing great on it and you can too! If you need any help feel free to email me I didn't think I could do it either but here I am 1 1/2yrs later and its still off. Hope you give it a try and don't do the fad diets the weight always comes back and it can be dangerous to your health. Good luck!

yes yes yes

by jessie - 2008-01-17 07:01:26

okay to-day banana orange and i cup of cornflakes with 1% milf for bkfst. for luch tuna on whole whaeat light mayo no butter on the bread tomatoe onion cucumbers mmhh yummy for supper a little chicke a little rice and a salad a snak of kellogs granola at night lots of water a way of life weigh yourself once a week saphire416 inspired me thanks

Grapefruit Diet

by janetinak - 2008-01-17 12:01:18

Many drugs have problems with grapefruit as noted above. Coumadin is one of those.

Tried this (& many diets) and get really sick of the grapefruit. Just cutting back & portion control works as well as writing everything down that goes in your mouth. This worked for me before & now that I ignored this advice for last several months I am going to go back on it as soon as I return from vacation. :--)


No Grapefruit Juice

by SMITTY - 2008-01-17 12:01:40

Grapefruit should not only be avoided with Lipitor, but all statin drugs. This includes Zocor, Mevocor and Vytorin, that I know of. Of course based on what they are telling us about Vytorin I don't think it matters what you eat or drink when taking it.

hi rachel

by jessie - 2008-01-17 12:01:46

to be honest it is lipitor i think that grapefruit is no good to take. while you are on it you are advised not to. i believe that a low fat diet under so many fat grams a day and lots of water, chicken fish and lots of fruit and veggies. also tuna fish and salmon. lol i think you have to commit to it for some time not just 2 weeks. i understand that that is why i can't lose so this time i am commited. i think it is well balanced too whole wheat bread and rice. to-night we went out i had chicken rice and a salad. i drink lots of water. that is important. to-morrow i am trying to walk again every day for 40 minutes with my music in toe. hope this helps but also get guidance from your doctor. take care there rachel jessie

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