2 Week Check-Up

I just got my 2 week check-up and everything seems to be going allright per the doc. I am still catching myself trying to lift my arm over my head, it is so hard. The incision site is still very sore wearing shirts or anything else, it seems like it constantly rubs. Has anyone else had issues with regular golf shirts or anything of that nature. I have been wearing a lot of button downs that are soft instead. My rate is still kicking at a smooth 60 paces, but I am still having trouble sleeping since the surgery. I guess my body is still getting used to having a heart rate so high when I am used to being in the low to mid 40's. Go back again in 3 weeks for final good to go. Everybody have a wonderful holiday and a Very Merry New Years. What a wonderful website to have for a personal database.
Thanks so much.


2 week check up

by GCWebb - 2007-12-20 04:12:13

Hi Todd,

I too had sensitivity issues and found that a cotton t-shirt under all my outer shirts worked well.I'm at 4 weeks post surgery today, and found that I can comfortably wear a seat belt only now.

Hope this helps,


Doing well

by golem - 2007-12-20 09:12:14

I got my PM on November 22nd and although the operation was big time trouble the first time, they got it in well, finally. Surprisingly enough, recovery is excellent. I hardly notice the thing anymore and I can do virtually what I want. I had some problems with the wound like you, but they disapeared in a few days. What helped was putting some talcum powder on it, right after shower in the morning and evening in order to keep it clean and dry. I know that I have to take it easy and shouldn't tempt fate, but I feel like going to the gym right now and start lifting some weights. Don't worry, I won't.
As to sleeping, I found out that putting a pillow under my right arm (my PM sists at the right side, because I'm a lefty) while lying on my side helps to be more comfortable. Doning fine now.
I am confident that I will be adjusted to my new life with this device in no time.
I used to be in the low 40's as well and now at 60 too. The only thing that I really need to get used to, is the speeding up to close to 100 when I walk the stairs, but perhaps that's a matter of adjusting the settings. I have a third visit to the technician scheduled second week of January.
Enjoy a wonderfull Xmas and many healthy and happy years,


6-1/2 weeks out

by ronpage - 2007-12-20 11:12:43

You situation sounds a lot like mine. I was in the lower 40's and even into the 30's at night and mine is now set on 55. I've found that my heart rate jumps up much faster than before. I believe that's a good thing since my body can respond much better to exercise and such.

I, too, had a difficult time keeping myself from raising my left arm over my head. I managed to remind myself enough that it apparently wasn't a problem. I'm just now beginning to not worry about reaching over my head.

I've been walking and riding my recumbent road bike since the second week and that's going well. Today I tried jogging a little during my walk and that seems to have been ok, also. I'm holding off going on the trails with my mountain bike until after Christmas. Maybe around the end of the year I'll give that a try. I've started riding my dual sport motorcycle a little on the road - not willing to go off road with it just yet. I'm thinking about making some kind of shield out of lexan to wear over the PM when I mountain bike or dirt bike off road in case I fall (it's been known to happen).

I'm almost 65 and look forward to many more good years on all my bikes, good Lord willing.

Arm over head

by ElectricFrank - 2007-12-31 02:12:49

One thing I did was to start deliberately stretching my arm gently upwards as soon as the doc was sure the leads had settled in. The doc hadn't thought of doing that, but liked the idea.
I like to 4wd and the seat belt was a bit irritating for a few weeks, but now I never have anything bother it. I imagine a direct hit from a fall from a mountain bike could be an unhappy event.


new user

by Jules - 2008-01-21 05:01:49

Hi like Todd I am finding it very difficult to get use to the new heart rate espectially now I am set at 60 and even getting up and walking around raises it quite high for me. Strange this. Is anyone put off of their pm because of the stories of things going wrong.

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