Bicycle Fluid Trainer

I am tony... 45 yrs... about 5 weeks in with a pacemaker for vaso-vagal syncope - long pause ...anyways other than not sleeping well and some anxiety I have started exercising again...walking, aerobics, step etc... to start out slow...I know I can jog at this point...Does anyone know if the magnets in a bicycle fluid trainer is to much or might interfere with the pacemaker ?...


No it should not

by MSPACER - 2007-12-08 07:12:41

The mag is on the flywheel by the bottom of the trainer so your pacemaker is very far from it. It should not effect your device. I have a cateye trainer that I use in the winter to cycle indoors. There is a magnet in the device that spins the rear wheel. I never had a problem.

Thank You

by ctfc40 - 2007-12-09 10:12:57

Thanx, went ahead and did 30 mins and felt fine. When I ask the PM clinic and or EP they always just give me the standard answers about no MRI's etc...Appreciate it.
Keep cycling.

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