Hello everyone,

I was on Cymbalta for about a year and a half when back in Aug '07 I went to the hospital with a heart rate of 30. The Cardio Dr. thought maybe the Cymbalta was causing the irregular heart rate. After 6 days of being off of Cymbalta and still in the hospital with no significant change in heart rate. I was scheduled for a pacemaker the next day. I have Bradycardia with second degree blockage.

I see that many antidepressants can cause heart irregularities.


Does anyone know of any heart problems posed by antidepressants with someone who has a pacemaker?

Thanks for reading ;)


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by CJD2007 - 2008-03-31 11:03:14

My Dr. has changed the anti-depressants a couple of times since I had the PM. I am just concerned....



by CJD2007 - 2008-03-31 11:03:26


Question that I meant to ask....

Does anyone know of someone with a PM that takes antidepressants and have they had any heart problems?

Thank you!


Likely depends on your condition...

by Swedeheart - 2008-04-01 01:04:36


I do not know a definite answer. I would ask your physician and pharmasist... however, on a search using antidepressants + pacemaker I did find an article on LQTS (another disorder of the heart's electrical system) and people that have been diagnosed with LQTS are at higher risk when using antidepressants, along with a host of other meds. Here is the link:

I know I have taken anti-anxiety medication since my pacemaker part of the time and it has been a big help. My doctor said if I had a lot of trouble he would consider anti-depressants for me. I don't think I will need to go there ~ but the first few weeks were pretty dismal.



by hooimom - 2008-04-02 12:04:19

I take Lexapro and have had no heart trouble on it. My cardiologist suggested that I take something for anxiety and my GP prescribed it. I have been taking it for 3 months and I feel much better.


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