was dizzy/lightheaded

Hello all, I had a dual chamber pacemaker implanted in 8/20/07and all went well until a few months later and I started having the same symptoms I had before the dual chamber pacer, I called the doc and we played around with my meds for awhile and then by decreasin my metoprolol and verapamil I started to feel good again, thank God. So I just wanted to tell if anyone is having this same problem, to get doc to check meds, I didn,t need the milligrams I was taking before the implantation. It did wonders. God Bless us ALL. msphil


good news

by CathrynB - 2008-05-01 01:05:59

Congratulations on finding a solution to your problems, msphil. I'm always happy to hear when people are able to sort things out and get on with their life, healthier and symptom free. All the best to you,

same symptoms as msphil

by JimSz - 2008-05-01 02:05:10

I was implanted just a few days before Christmas in 2005; it was a great Christmas present! Getting back to work with a heavy travel schedule truly was a serious test for my pacer. In April 2006, a few months after my doctor advised me that it was ok to go back to work, I experienced symptoms like yours during a trip north of Boston. It is likely that patient and pacer have to get to know what to expect of each other. That day seems to bear that out. The owners of the B&B where I was staying took me to a small ER in Gloucester. Although the hospital did not have a monitor for my dual chamber pacer, the cardiologist there talked to mine in Cleveland. My med's were increased that day. I am not aware of any recurrance of that episode since then. Lesson learned: always carry our pacer i.d. and cardiologist's phone numbers- - -never leave home without them!

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