Hi everyone
I am now 4 months post implant and pretty much back to "normal". I walk a lot and have been swimming (breast stroke) for the past few weeks. My question is does anybody out there play tennis with a double backhand. My pm is in my left shoulder area and my only concern is the fact that I use a double handed backhand. I am a little concerned about the wires and whether there is a risk as I can feel where they disapear under the collar bone. Originally my cardioligist said it would be Ok but the technicians I saw in January showed concern. My next appointment isn't until July by which time most of oour british summer will be long gone.



by Wingart - 2008-03-27 02:03:10

Hi again
Should have used the search first. he he

I have just used the search facility and found that lots of you play tennis with no problems so I will go up the courts at the weekend and have a knock about. That's if the rain stays away.


Typical lack of agreement between

by axg9504 - 2008-03-27 02:03:52

doc and techs. at doc office. I experienced the same thing, techs saying one thing and doc saying nah that's ok. What about serves? You'll have to raise the right arm with a little bit of a wrench.

hi wingart

by rosep - 2008-04-10 06:04:19

hope you have got on court again with no problems.
I had my pm fitted in March last year and managed resist temptation and wait the six weeks before I got back playing in my local team- I hit double handed back hand volleys with no problems. My technicians were more concerned about swimming and the damage to wires repetitive breatstroke might be. Since then I have also started to play racquet ball and badminton at fairly full on pace - being battery operated has given me a new lease of life and movement seems to help stop my shoulder and collar bone muscles from freezing up around the pm site.
have a good summer on court- like you I am watching the UK weather!!!

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