Cancelled appointment update

Most of you will have read my posting last Friday concerning my cancelled 6 week check last Friday... Here's an update...

I received my new appointment yesterday - 15th February, that's another 6 weeks. This morning I went to my own GP who advised me not to travel until I have had that 6 week check. He advised me to phone the clinic again and if they couldn't give me an earlier appointment then to tell them that they have to book me into the local private clinic. So I phone them at 9.45 this morning and unfortunately got the same bulldog that I spoke to last Friday. Even though I appealed to her better nature she still insisted that I could not have an earlier appointment. So I hit her with the private clinic, I was asked to hold, miracles do happen - I have to be at the clinic at noon today. I am really pleased to get the appointment but find it really sad that you have to go through this. I am feeling well enough now, thanks to the pm, to fight my corner but someone who is not feeling well or does not have the advice of a decent GP would still have their life on hold until the middle of Feb.

Anyway must go now to get to the clinic. I will update you when I get back.

Keep pacing friends


At least it's sorted....

by Shelly - 2008-01-08 09:01:58

...but it's both shocking and saddening that you should have to make threats simply to get an appointment!

Hope your check-up went well, please keep us all posted.

Shelly (UK)

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