follow-up on "scared beatless"

thanks for encouraging words. received a medtronic enrhythm PM and av node ablation and am two days post op. My only concern is( and I am seeing ep doctor tomorrow) i have a lesser rate of about 50 walking around and i feel dizzy and yet when i lie down the rate goes up to about 90 which seems like the opposite should be happening. I am concerned and wondered if anyone has experienced this and, oh, by the way, can this be changed by the ep doctor?



Cant Be Right

by peter - 2007-11-16 03:11:25

I cant believe what you have said as it does not make sense. If you have had an AV node ablation and a pacemaker (Ive got the same) there is some thing wrong if the opposite of what should happen is happening. You can contact me direct on if you wish. I strongly advise you to contact the hospital immediately and tell them if this is still happening.Dont be fobbed off.Your life may depend on it.Dont sit at home worrying. My heart is at 70 BPM at rest and goes up to 90 BPM when moving around quickly. Wishing you all the best and good luck Peter


by jessie - 2007-11-16 08:11:25

i agree with peter. you need to contact them immediately. this should not be happening as peter says. like he said the opposite should be happening. hope you get some answers to your worries to-day. welcome to the pacemaker club. jessie


by Gellia2 - 2007-11-16 09:11:09

I do hope you will head what Peter and Jessie have said. It is possible that the ventricular wire has displaced itself and is only pacing when you lie down. When you stand up, it moves out of place and looses capture. This needs to be corrected. It is NOT something to wait on. Go now. If it is a wire displacement it will need surgical correction and could be an immediate threat to your life without it.
Best of luck to you and I hope your EP gives you the answers you need.

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