Recently found out.

That I have a-fib when I was brought to the ER. With an Anxiety
attack. Attmitted to the cardiac wing of the hospital for 5 days.
Now I am home, and was at the docs two days ago, and had
my second sonocardiacgram, I think that is what you would
call it. Which showed that I have CHF.
I have to also go for this other test this Friday, where they
inject dye into your body and take pictures. --sigh more stuff
to worry about.
How does one know when you need a pacemaker.
Heart meds are coumadin and betapace, and digitek. Would
there be other meds needed??? Or should I wait till after I have
the test done on Friday.



by Lotti - 2007-11-12 05:11:11

Congestive Heart Failure!

Please don't worry too much. This can be a VERY wide ranging thing. The fact that they are going to do an angiogram on you may mean that they think there is a problem with your arteries as the dye will show the paths that the blood is taking to and through your heart. It's actually really interesting to watch. And It does not hurt. The worst bit is when they inject the dye cause it is warm and makes you feel like you've pee'd yourself. (YOU HAVE NOT) They will be able to tell from this if you need any procedures such as stents or even surgery. I spent years with CHF before I needed an angio or surgery. I ended up with the pacemaker afetr surgery. You may not need a pacemaker. A-fib is often controlled by drugs. If the angio is clear they will probable continue to do echocardiograms (the one with the jelly on your chest) or possibly a TOE (transoesophageal echocardiogram) which gives a better picture than an external echo. I have had it all done so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me a private message and ask away.

Please note I am in England so some of the ways things are done and the names given to them may of course be different from the USA

Hope all goes well on friday


afib & meds

by Vai - 2007-11-13 12:11:56

The afib condition does not necessarily mean you need a PM. Consult an EP would be your best choice to decide if you need a PM.
Coumadin and betapace are normal drugs prescribed for afib condition. Betapace slows or regulates the heart rythm and reduce the probability of afib episodes. Coumadin thins the blood to protect you from afib induced strokes - blood pools in the heart chambers during afib and form clots that may lead to a stroke. If the doctors had prescribed the meds to manage the afib, I suggest you don't delay taking them.

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