I have a two lead biotronic pm and have 100% dependency because of a av node ablation due to atrial fibrillation. I have a wiggly sensation or as I have called it worms or vibration in my chest and in my back when I wake up; in the morning or when I have been resting in the afternoon. They have my pm set a 75 and 135 which is higher (they say ) because of the 100% dependency. I have heard that they can set the rate response to a lower setting if you have such a thing on your pace maker. Does anyone out there think it would help me to relax and stop the hard heartbeat and vibration that I get when I try to relax especially when I lay down.? I have a hard time getting any answers when I have a pacer check. I can make an appointment with my electrophysisist for $145. but dont get answers then either. I have had my pm since feb. 2007. I am a young 73 yr. old female.
Thanks in advance. DD


av node

by aldeer - 2007-12-24 09:12:19

DD.. I have a medtronic one lead and don't know yet what my dependency is. Will know in about two months. I was almost always in afib. Mine is set at 60 low and 135 high. I am very lucky that 95% of the time, I don't feel anything. I do notice that when I am anxious my rate goes to 100 and there are times I get a pain just left of the center of my chest.. deep breathing seems to take it away after a few minutes. I turned 80 today . I am female and also find that all the answers to my questions come from this website....very few if any from the doctors. Perhaps you could ask for a lower setting for your low. at least, just to try it. Before the pacemaker I, would have my pulse go into the 30s and fainted on a few occasions... good luck with finding what will work best for you. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. aljdeer


by gmnordy - 2007-12-26 03:12:14

I know exactly what you mean by the wiggly wormy feeling. I have it also. For the longest time I thought it was just my pacemaker kicking in or something but just recently found out I am 100 percent dependent on my pacer and in active AV block most of the time now. So I suppose that is what I am feeling. I am set at 70/135 but thinking of having it changed to a lower setting cause I am getting tired of feeling this in my chest all the time. It causes me to be anxious and jittery. I am 52 years young, and shouldnt have to feel this way!!


help is at hand

by kmhayward - 2007-12-29 08:12:55

Ask your ep tech about a night rate.... some pacemakers have this. There is also something called hysteresis. This allows you HR to drop to a set rate ie 50bpm before then coming in at a higher rate ir 60bpm.There are other things that can be done. Dont take no for an answer. Contact the company that makes your pacemaker and ask fo help. Biotronik are very good. They will be able to advise you one the functions of your pacemaker. If your EP tech doesn't know how to work it as them to cantact the company. After all its your health and your money, so dig your heels in.

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