pacing during "cool down"

I'm 6months post-PM, and it's great that it's something I hardly even think about anymore. Due to diagnosis of "osteopenia" (thin bones), I got a really nice eliptical rider, and have been using it 4-5 times/week since the end of December. I worked up my speed slowly preferring to stay on it than try to go fast and hard and injure myself (or faint). Pretty soon I'm going to start increasing my time, but for now I do 15 minutes of work out and 5 minutes cool down.
My question is about pacing during exercise. First I was pacing often throughout the workout. Now I don't pace till I hit the cool down session. I try to slow down gradually watching the "steps/minute" counter: 160 for a minute, then 150, then 140, etc. But I still seem to trigger the pacemaker by the 2nd minute of cooling down.
Does anyone have a breathing technique, or something else they do, to help their heart rate descend in a more controlled manner?
You all have been helpful with my other questions, so I await your suggestions.


Just curious

by gevans - 2008-02-09 02:02:47

I have seen several postings where people mention they know when they are pacing. I've had my device (also a dual chamber) since Sept of last year and have yet to even feel anything. The only way I can even tell what my heartrate is... I have to wear my heart-rate monitor, or stop and take my pulse. And that is just to know the rate - when I'm between 75 and 105 (my low and high settings) I have no way of knowing whether the "rate response" mechanism or my natural induction system is responsible for the pace.

Maybe we should have a "poll" on how many people feel their pacing? Just a thought.


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