Before I got my pacemaker, I was taking a kickboxing class. At my 6 week check up he said I could resume all normal activities, but I didn't think to specifically mention the kickboxing class. Think it's okay to resume that?


Kick Boxing and Pacemakers

by SMITTY - 2007-12-02 12:12:33

Hey Vonnie,

I am going to assume your pacemaker is located just below you collar bone and that in kick boxing you can receive a direct blow to that area. Now I'll make a few comments with the thought that they may help you decide if kick boxing is still the thing for you to be doing.

That pacemaker case is a small metal container that holds more electronic circuitry than some computers. By virtue of the fact the case, electronics and battery are such small package they are each very small. As we all know, in almost all cases, small manmade electronic devices equates to increased fragileness. In addition that little case has one, two, or three wires, depending on the type pacemaker you have, that are attached to the top and held in place with tiny screws or clips. Those little wires that are no bigger than human hair run from that pacemaker through veins into one or more chambers of your heart. The wires and pacemaker are sutured in place as best they can be to keep them from moving. It is my understanding that with time (I'm talking about many months) the leads and pacemaker become almost an integral part of our body, but even that, with these components being so close to the surface, they are not immune to damage from the direct licks a person could get in kick boxing.

I guess you could find some type of hard protective cover to put over the PM implant area, but I expect the shock of a hard lick on the cover would likely be transferred to the PM implant area carrying with it a risk of damage.

I’m sure I’m much older than you so use that as my excuse to preach a little here. Each of us at some point in life has to make decisions that have an impact on our life style. For me it was to give up running 10 miles a day. I'm lying. Although I did for years walk 3 miles at least 5 days a week at a speed of about 6 MPH. I can no longer do that, but I recall the enjoyment I got from those walks. In your case I guess you have to decide if damage to your health and possibly your pacemaker is worth the risk of continuing your kick boxing.

Good luck,


Chest protector

by pacergirl - 2007-12-02 12:12:47

Hi Vonnie,
I would imagine that a simple chest protector over the pacer should help you out some. I would avoid hitting the pacer directly for a few reasons. It will hurt because you are not fully healed yet and a direct blow to the pacer could damage it or the leads. I'd proceed with caution. You are a busy lady, Good for you!

pacergirl ;-)


by Vai - 2007-12-03 11:12:56

Just to share a personal experience. 6 weeks is way too early to re-engage in an active hard-hitting sport. Your doctor is very kind and understanding. In my case, I was an active exponent in martial arts which included sparring. My doctor just plainly ruled the sport out from my options after the PM. I may continue the exercises but no hard punching the bag and no sparring. I discontinued the sport and took up something else. This sounds kind of blunt and abrupt but I guess, like Smitty writes, it comes a point in life that a new set of realities set in and we have to decide our next steps.
Best of luck ion your recovery.


by uvagershwin - 2007-12-21 05:12:48

I don't know if kickboxing is a contact sport, but my pediatric cardiologist says not to participate in contact sports even though I really want to fence.


by El_guapo - 2008-01-03 10:01:03

whats up Vonnie?
i got ta ditto what Vai was say'n, my doc said no sparring as well. its been about 6 months now for me since they slapped my pacer in me, and i must admit the radical temptation to throw on a vest and do some light sparring or step sparring has been out there. but ya know light sparring aint always light. as much as i really hate to say it, that part of it i probably have to hang up, i havent been back to class yet, i dont know , i might go back soon and just get in some cardio stuff
forms and what not. who knows, maybe we should take up surfing? sounds like fun.

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