Draniage part II

I would like to fill everyone in on my drainage problem that I wrote about earlier in the week. I know a few of us thought it was an infection...and so did I. I went to the hospital and they admitted me to cardiac unit, thinking it was a severe infection. They were going to take out my pacemaker let the area that was infected heal a and place a new pacemaker in on the otherside of my chest. Well, thank goodness they did several test and they concluded that I caught a skin allery from the tape that was placed on my pacemaker and if i would have waited it would have turned into a bad infection....so there you go and thank you everyone for your concern and comments.


Great News!

by janetinak - 2007-10-26 01:10:30

Happy for you & good outcome. Thanks for sharing.


That is Great News!

by hooimom - 2007-10-26 04:10:24


That sounds much better than removing and later replacing a PM. I am glad it was something easily fixed!
Good thing you went in before it got too bad.



by ela-girl - 2007-10-27 06:10:30

Thank goodness they figured that out before tearing you open again! I, too, had a skin allergy to the tape they used over the incision area. It took a little bit for it to show up, but mine didn't sound anything like yours! Wow! You should be feeling a lot better now having gone in and been treated. Thanks for keeping us updated!


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