Life after implant

Well it's been one week today I had my Pace Maker implanted.
Haven't had any info from the Doctor that did the implant cause he has been off sick since. I sure am glad I don't get dizzy everytime I stand up but have a hard time slowing down, especially no driving for 12 days, feel like a caged lion. My wife is recovering from Breast Cancer which she had a Breast removed Oct 2006 and Chemo and Radiation but she has been a gem driving me where I have to go. Never had to have any pain medication since release from the hospital but nervous about when they will be removing the 8 staples holding the incision together. Found out with aid here and a few phone calls I can keep playing with my electronic toys. Soooo Life is good.


Great Attitude

by hooimom - 2007-10-19 08:10:48


You have a wonderful attitude and I am sure that has helped in a quick recovery! I didn't feel quite so positive at first so I really admire people who can adjust so quickly. My doctor said no driving for 6 weeks, so 12 days is not so bad. I didn't have staples. They used glue to close my incision, so I can't help you with what the removal is like. You did so well with everything else, I am sure that will be fine too.

Have fun playing with your toys.

Don't Worry!

by Carol - 2007-10-19 12:10:20

Hi! You do have a great attitude! I've only had my PM about 3 weeks and I'm still a little nervous about it, but hanging in there. We're all sooo different when it comes to these things....thank goodness for this Club.
As for the staples...I am a nurse and have removed and have had staples removed. We use a "staple remover" which just slides under the staple and crimps it up and out. Usually no pain involved, oh, sometimes maybe a little pinch but generally nothing more. Hopes this helps! Best wishes, Carol

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