Radio Controlled Aircraft

I belong to a Radio Controlled Aircraft Club and enjoy the flying of the models and the meeting of friends, I am wondering if the transmitter will have any effect on my PM or if so is there any work around that I might try.



by dgknecht - 2007-10-15 03:10:20

i think i would follow rick's advise, just to be safe,
but if you feel no adverse affects using Wi-Fi cards,
cordless phones, or being around the microwave, i would
say you're probably ok.

Arm length

by hotform - 2007-10-15 10:10:08

The transmitter may have an effect similar to that of a cell phone. People with pacers are often told to use their cell phone on the side opposite their pacer. In other words if your implanted on the left then use the phone in the right ear. Its purely a safety distance kind of thing. The same thing would probably apply to your transmitter. I don't know how you hold yours, but a lot of the people I know who enjoy your hobby, hold their transmitter at arms length with just slightly bent elbows. For me that would put it out around 18 inches or so with bent arms. Having been around all kinds of electrical equipment and never having had a problem, I would say that distance would be more than adequate for me. If there is some kind of interference, then you should know fairly quickly. I would simply turn the unit on at home while I was sitting in a chair and if there was a problem I could quickly turn it off and recover. The radio signals themselves should not bother your unit as the atmosphere is full of radio signals all the time. Rick


by dgknecht - 2007-10-15 11:10:43

is the transmitter 70mhz? i would think higher freq like
800mhz-2ghz would be more to worry about.
i work on two-way radios and haven't experienced any problems. I think most of the stories of problems were
about older units.


by Donald McEachern - 2007-10-15 12:10:43

The Transmitter is a Futabra transmitting on 2.4GHz

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