pain at pm site

I am 4 months out from pm surgery. I recently started an intermediate yoga class, since I started I have had some chest pain and pain , not soreness on the right side of my pm where the leads attach. I've also noticed my collarbone is sore, and my pm seems to be working more than usual. Is this normal? I have an appointment Wednesday for a pacer check I am going to mention it when I go in. I don't want to seem like I'm overreacting. Sure would appreciate any info.




by randrews - 2008-02-04 10:02:38

I started yoga a few weeks ago and I'm feeling some aches and pains in my chest that I didn't have before. I've had my pm for 10 months and I'm sure what I'm feeling isn't pm related. It's just getting used to the stretching.
That being said, you have to be sure what your feeling is ok. You might even call your doctor to say your doing yoga and get an ok. Be safe.
Hang in there. This pm stuff is unnerving at times. Satisfy your mind with what is going on. I posted a yoga question a few weeks ago under Exercise and Sports.
Take care,

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