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I've experienced multiple incidents where I had the fast heartbeats and the ICD did not register the incident. Finally, I was at work as a teacher, went to the clinic when I felt problems. The nurse called 911 because I had a heart rate of 320 which was documented with a 12 lead EKG by the paramedics. My ICD didn't register the incident, but I finally had a strip to prove my point that these incidents were happening. In addition, being in the hospital while they tried to get it back under control helped. My ICD throught time and the still WONDERFUL Fire Dept. Paramedics and their just running strips whenever I have incidents and then taking them to Drs. I am finally tuned up properly. So.... call or visit your local Fire Dept. and ask them to help you because your ICD is malfunctioning and not recording the incidents and you need the proof. They really prefer helping that way verses having to resisitate you when the ICD malfunctions and doesn't shock. My dept was GREAT. I probably wouldn't be alive at this point if it wasn't for them.
Good luck and stay well.



by tcrabtree85 - 2007-10-11 01:10:41

I was just wondering why the ICD wasn't working correctly was it completely a setting issue? I am praying that things work out for you and that you are regaining energy.

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