The Phone-check thing

Hi, all! I'm new to the website, just found ya'll a few hours ago. I think this is awesome.

ME: 38 yo whi female, pm inserted on 7/10/07. I have never received the phone attachment for my pacemaker check (my 3 month check is due next week). I'm having a terrible time getting the nurses at my doc's office to call me back.

My question is this: can I contact the "company" or whoever does these checks on my own to inquire about getting me set up for this?

Any advice would be helpful! Ya'll have a great day!!!

[Yes, I'm from Texas! :-) ]



by rsample - 2007-10-04 07:10:38

I just had a PM placed last week. Prior to surgury, I visited directly with several of the main device companies regarding the number of company engineers in my area. You should feel free to search out other solutions if the local clinic is not responsive.

The Phone-Check

by SMITTY - 2007-10-04 08:10:46

Hello Angelia,

Welcome to our world with your new toy.

Let start by asking a question, have you had an "in-house" checkup on your pacemaker? That was my first checkup at which time the gave me the modem to do the telephone checkups. Everything I have read indicates the in-house checkup should be first because almost without exception some adjustments will be necessary.

As for contacting the company, I say go for it, but I'll warn you now, while they may be sympathetic to you problem, you most likely will be told to see your doctor.

My second thought is that nurse does not have an answer because the doctor has not given her one. You can continue to try for the doctor via the phone, but at some point you may need to send a registered letter to that doctor. Won't hurt to sent a copy to the hospital administrator either. Being from Texas you probably know how you get a mules attention when you are trying to get him to do something. "You first hit him between the eyes with a 2 X 4." Then he will hear you. A letter (with a copy to the hospital adm.) may serve as a 2 X 4 for this doctor.

I wish you the best,


PS I'm in Texas too - Salado.

phone check

by Shell - 2007-10-05 05:10:46

My doctor didn't give me the equipment for the phone check until I had my pm a year. Before that he prefered that I went and did it in person. It may depend on your doctor. If you need travel a way to do the checks in person maybe you can convince them to do more phone checks.

phone check

by Susan - 2007-10-05 11:10:31

Do feel free to contact the consumer help department of the manufacturer of your pacemaker. I have found them to be quite helpful when I have had questions and concerns. Some of us were given a plastic id card when we got our pacemaker that has the consumer help telelphone number on it. Otherwise, get a telephone number off the manufacturer's web site.
I have a St. Jude pacemaker and the 800 number staff have talked to me, emailed me and sent me materials to read to help me better understand my pacemaker. They can tell you what is to be expected and give you some reassurance as to what is normal.
I have found that a lot of docs don't know about the finer workings of a pacemaker so getting answers from them will not occur. The pacemaker technicians in your local pacemer clinic are generally experts about pacemakers and know what to do, at least that is the case for me.

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