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I am so glad I found this site. I am a 35 year old and just had a pm on 8/16. I had never had any problems before with my heart and was in the hospital for gallbladder surgery when they noticed a low heartbeat (in the upper 30's). So instead of leaving an organ I got a new one! I have had a really hard recovery and now am going to Physical Therapy to help get normal movement and range back with my left arm. I was wondering if any one knows of any lotions or oils to use to help stretch the scar tissue area. This area is super tight and restricts my arm movements alot.



by dward - 2007-10-06 11:10:56

Hello M2K,
I had some issues with my scar area (tight, sore, itchy, etc.) I happened to be seeing my dermatologist on another matter and asked about my scar area.
He gave me some Topicort(R) and it helped alot.

He said I have the skin type that doesn't scar well (he had a name for it but I don't remember what he called it - all I know is it drove me dingy for a while.)

Keep in mind that you WILL have some soreness, and restricted movement for a while, It's normal for a few months.

But talk to your Doctor about th scar area and perhaps ask for a referral to a specialist. There IS stuff out there that can make your scar tissue softer.

Read your other post... Sorry you've had a bit of a go during the last while. Keep the faith and proud you are strong and enduring!!! Way to go.

D. Ward

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