Now 8 mos post pacemaker and doing well.The only thing that bothers me is the sensitivity over the scar. Looks like a keloid formation secondary to poor wound closure-my first pacemaker.My skin up to 2inches away from the scar has developed small superficial viens.My GP had suggested a steroid injection near the scar. Any suggestions?


steroid injection

by VonnieVern - 2008-05-11 10:05:02

I got my pacemaker on October 16 so that puts me at about 7 months post surgery. Four weeks ago I had kenalog (a steroid) injected. My scar sensitivity, itchiness, and pain decreased soon afterwards, but seems to have started to increase again. I have a follow up appointment on Tuesday, and plan to have my scar injected again.


Steroid Injection

by jweese - 2008-05-11 10:05:35


I developed a very large keloid scar where I had my Bivent ICD/pacemaker put in. I had the surgery 2 times in 2 months b/c they couldn't get the 3rd lead in. Following the 2nd surgery, the wound healed with the keloid. I finally went to a dermatologist who also recommended steroid injections into the scar. I had the 2nd surgery in November and by April it was very thick and very itchy. It felt like I had ants crawling all around that area!! I asked my EP dr who said it was fine. I went back to the dermatologist who injected the scar at six different spots at the beginning of April and then at the beginning of May. The scar has flattened almost completely except for the very end so he thinks I will need one more injection. The itching has all but disappeared except for the one spot that is still raised. It feels so much better though and is definitely worth it. Now I am just fighting my insurance company to cover it b/c they consider it "cosmetic." The dr. is going to write another letter explaining that it is not cosmetic. It is because of the severe itching that they did it. I was constantly scratching at the site which is not a good idea at all.

So anyways, I would recommend it. Ask your EP dr first but it should be fine.

Good luck,

Very Informative

by maryanne - 2008-05-12 05:05:20

That is great that for those of you who have had steriod injections and it has successfully help...I had never heard of that as an option....that is awesome! Thanks for the info.

me too

by CathrynB - 2008-05-12 10:05:54

I also developed a keloid after my PM implant and had kenalog injections to treat it, completely successfully. I had another surgery 6 months later, developed another keloid, and had kenalog injections again. Both times were successful in relieving the pain, itching and puffiness of the scar. My insurance paid for it both times. Each times I had multiple injections into the scar tissue only, and went for a second round of injections a month later. I highly recommend this treatment for people with this problem. It should be administered by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, not your cardiologist/EP.

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