pacemaker with thyroxine levels wrong?

I had radio active Iodine treatment about 4 years ago which burnt out my Thyroid gland leaving me dependant every day on thyroxine 125mg this was about the maximum level i could take everyday without sending my heart racing. I then received a pacemaker in October of 07 for sick sinus bycardia and atrial fib- I started taking beta blockers 25mg (atenol) everyday to keep afib at bay I have been feeling ok until recently when i have been feeling spaced out and hyper -I had my thyroid levels checked and the tsh came out at 12.5 and the t4 more alarmingly 8.2 . if I increase my thyroxine level to bring my t4 down into check will this cause more strain on my heart and if it does is my best bet to increase my atenol level to 50mg a day can anyone help?


TSH & T4 Numbers

by BOB 1 - 2008-02-06 01:02:19

My suggestion is that you not be diddling with your thyroid dosage. If you change the amount you are taking how long do you wait before changes occur? If you do not get the improvement you want do you change the dosage again and if things get totally out of hand and you go to the doctor he will have little idea of what is going on. Anyway, there are a lots of other things, such as skin appearance, appearance of hair, weight gain or loss, BP, heart rate (I know you have a PM, but changes in heat function can still occur) the list goes on and on. Treating a thyroid disorder is serious business and should be left to a doctor.

Finally, if you start self medication and get things far enough out of kilter, you could put yourself into cardiac arrest. So I say see your doctor if you feel that you need help.

Playing Doctor

by ted - 2008-02-06 01:02:23

Amen, Bob. It is suicidal to fool around with the dosages prescribed physicians who are not only more knowledgable and better trained than those of us in this group, but our doctors also know our own personal situation, have examined us, have access to our test results, history etc. The internet is a marvelous invention but it is no substitute for an experienced hands on professional.

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