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Hi again - I'm the new battery-operated trumpet player in the group. You might get tired of hearing from me. My wife picks at me and says I've been jabbering like a magpie since I can talk without gasping for air following the pacemaker implant less than a week ago.

I work as a senior public relations advisor for the Army. It's a stressful job normally, but with the Army conducting operations in an unpopular war, it's really been tough. The workload and expectations can be unreasonable. I'm not being critical - this is just the nature of this business.

I'm 50 years old with underlying heart and lung conditions..but I don't want to medically retire and I'm not trying to get out of work. However, I do realize that I need to protect the potential for health benefits that my new pacemaker can be provide from things like over-eating; under-exercising; and allowing too much stress to burden me down.

Any advice or comments about experiences with stress and its impact on the pacemaker patient? or about finding the balance where I can be a productive employee but not allow the job to consume me?



by ela-girl - 2007-09-24 07:09:16

I mean: "QUITE a job on your hands!"

DO find a balance

by ela-girl - 2007-09-24 07:09:57

Hi, trumpetplayer!

I am a teacher, so stress is just a part of my life! My EP constantly tells me that I need to eliminate the stress in my life for my health's sake and my heart. Easier said then done! There was recently a post on the site about things we pacers do to try and alleviate stress in our lives. You may want to search the forums for that post or use the search feature in the upper right hand corner of the site. I know that when I went back to work after having my surgery, I almost had a nervous breakdown! It was just too much all at once--so, I took a couple of extra weeks off. I could have used some more time, but I had no choice. It is tough working with middle school kids. It didn't help either that I work under TERRIBLE administration with no heart. was hard for me to find a balance because I give so much of myself to my students. I had to cut back, though, and stopped bringing work home and only stayed late 1 day a week. It was hard not doing it all, but I enlisted help from parent volunteers and only allowed myself to do a few things on my list of things to do each day--not all of it. It all got done, it just took a little more time. And I started a new hobby--hiking. That is such a release for me!

I hope you find success in finding your balance. Sounds like you have great a job on your hands!


balance-yeah right

by randrews - 2007-09-25 09:09:43

I've had my pm for 6 months now. Finding a balance is tough for anybody. I'm a high school counselor who, like Ela, had a tough time going back to work. I thought I'd just jump right back in but it was too much. I ended up working, then going home and sleeping and resting. It takes time. Rest rest rest. Now I work an extra 2 late nights a week, and paint houses on the weekend.
I did have to work to find the blessings in my life. Running, playing with my kids, friends, talks with my wife. I think it's key to recognize and seek out the pleasures.
Talk like a magpie huh, that's funny. I'm sure your wife would say it's all profound stuff.
I remember my first night home from the hospital. After having a heartrate in the 30's my new pm rate of 60 felt like my heart was racing when I went to bed at night. I'd lay there thinking something was wrong because my heart was pounding. My wife laughed, because I just couldn't understand how people could live like this.
Let us know how you progress and keep talking, it's a blessing,

Thanks -

by trumpetplayer - 2007-09-27 12:09:58

Thanks for the great feedback. Saw my doctor for my one week appointment today. Everything is working fine although the trip (We go out of state) left me tired.

The doctor agreed that I should take things slowly; work and other activities as tolerated; and that gradually my capacity to resume normal activities will increase.

I'm determined to get better and will keep reminding myself keeping my health a top priority is best for me and the job in the long run, as I will gradually become more productive personally and professionally.

Easier said than done

by dodger2233 - 2007-10-14 10:10:33

As ela-girl said, "yea, right" regarding taking it easier. I am in the same boat as you and probably most others. However, we have to recognize that that kind of stress would be bad for a healthy individual, and certainly is for one wearing a pm. So.........we all have to find a way to cope. I am looking at a job change, or something.....we have to look out for ourselves. And, "it ain't easy". Just hang in there and listen to your body. You do that, and I will try to take the same advice. Good luck.

By the way, wife is a 1st grade teacher, and believe me, you didn't exagerate when you talked about the stress of being a teacher.

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