The time has (almost) arrived

Hi Everyone,

As a regular 'pre PM op' visitor here for the past couple of months, thought I'd let you know that I'm about to become a fully battery operated member. My cardio called this afternoon and they have a cancellation next Monday (26th Nov) so I'll be having my first PM impant.

I'm a little nervous, but thanks to all you wonderful people here (extra shout out to Allan and Lotti) for sharing your stories, tips and experiences, I'm not half as nervous and terrified as I would have been without this great forum.

No doubt I'll be on here next week, posting panicky messages asking if 'such and such' is 'normal', but it's a huge relief knowing that if I have any concerns, I can log on here and talk to people who understand.

Thanks again to everyone. Speak soon,

Shelly (UK)


we're with you,Shelly!

by VIOLIN - 2007-11-23 06:11:57

Good Luck, Shelly. I am just one week ahead of you. I am feeling alot better on day 8 than i was on day 7. You are going to be fine--in fact better than fine. I, too, agree that this is a wonderful forum to post panicky messages--i have done so in the past week numerous times and I am so thankful for this communique. Keep us updated.
violin (Florida)

Good luck Shelly

by IanMcC - 2007-11-23 09:11:53

Good luck Shelly, I remember well the fear that I felt before my opp, but it was all very easy and over very quickly. The Doctors and Nurses at the hospital put you at your ease, we were chatting right up to the time they started the opp. We will all be thinking of you on Monday even though some of us are halfway around the globe.
Take care, Ian.

Best wishes!

by scpck - 2007-11-23 10:11:16

Good luck Shelly. At least you have pre-support here. Prepare to be really sore but know it goes away fairly soon.

Prayers go with you...

by auntiesamm - 2007-11-23 10:11:39

Hi Shelly,
My prayers and warm wishes go with you next Monday. We've all been there and I for one can tell you that even though it is surgery the recovery can be easy and quick. We are all very different and some have other significant problems as well. My PM was an emergency and I had little time to think about it, though I was very familiar with them. Got my pacemaker on Thursday a.m, went home Fri a.m.. Saturday we went to a social event and Sunday I drove myself to church. Biggest problem? remembering not to raise my arm above shoulder level. My husband reminded me and I put little sticky notes on all cabinets, shelves that required reaching as a constant reminder. It worked very well. I did this for the 6 weeks prescribed by my Cardio. I've felt really good from the day the PM went in and have had no problems whatsoever. I do tend to be very positive-minded and am impatient to have things over and done with so that probably contributes to my quick recovery. I don't like being or appearing to be an "invalid". Anyway, good luck Shelly and I will be anxious to hear from you when you are back home and feeling chipper again. God bless and keep you in the palm of His hand.
Sharon - So. CA

Helpful Suggestion

by ElectricFrank - 2007-11-23 11:11:53

If you normally sleep on your side you may find it uncomfortable even on the side opposite your pacer. I found that putting a pillow in front of me in bed gave me something to rest my upper arm on. I slept on my right side like a baby the first night.

Good luck.

you'll be ok Shelly

by jimkirschvink - 2007-11-24 11:11:31

Its pretty scary, I know, but you will be amazed how much better you feel and the amount of energy you will have after you get settled in. Good Luck!


by jessie - 2007-11-25 02:11:41

hi i will be thinking of you to-morrow. i also prefer to get on with things and hate being tied down. i had my pacemaker one month ago and so far no major problems. i was sore for a while but everyone is different.i was pamperd for sure. i slept a lot too. mine was done on an emerg basis but i had had symptoms for 4 months. it took me 3 months to feel really good again but like i said i was being o2 deprived for some time. will be thinking of you to-morrow god be with you and god bless you two jessie


by bini - 2007-11-25 04:11:07

I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers tommorow. I am sure everything will go very well. I got my first PM in June, and the surgery really is no big deal. Just make sure you ask the Dr all the questions you need answered to make you fell comfortable.
Good Luck and please let us know how it goes!!!!

Thanks guys and dolls

by Shelly - 2007-11-25 10:11:26

Thanks again for all you warm words of support, it really means a lot.

I'm prepared mentally now (thanks to this site) and got my extra pillows (good tip ElectricFrank) and my man ready and waiting on full 'pamper duties' :-)

Speak soon


Ask any questions Shelly,

by hooimom - 2007-11-25 12:11:01

Ask questions from your doctors, nurses and pacemaker representative. No questions are too small or simple. When you get home, get on this site and ask any question you can think of. You have already discovered that the more knowledge you have, the better your feel. More than likely, if you have a symptom or concern after your procedure, someone here has been through it and will be more than happy to help you out with some information. There are lovely people here who want to help others.

Try and stay calm before your procedure. I konw it is scary because you just can't be sure to expect. We have all been through it, and we are here! Just concentrate on how much better you are going to feel soon! You'll recover from this and feel like a new person. Just plan on getting extra rest and letting someone pamper you a little as you recover.

Let us know how you are doing next week.

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