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I was operated and have a single chamber pacemaker year 1999. Now, this year got a gallstone and gallbladder operation. My doctor told me that I have a single chamber which is not clear to me if I really need then to hae the dual chamber. My question is what is single chamber and dual chamber all about? And if dual chamber battery is advisable why then they did not inform us as to have dual before. I just married year 2006 and still no child for I am not sure how safe for me to be pregnant. Will anyone help me about all this batteries? ... Thanks you.
Nilda of Philippines



by marisab - 2007-09-19 08:09:25

basicly the difference is a dual chamber is for more efficeny because sometimes a single chamber isnt enough. I use to have an sinle but after a year (i think) i had to get a dual because the single didnt generate enough power.

Single vs Dual Chamber Pacemaker

by SMITTY - 2007-09-19 10:09:36

Take a look at the following. It may help you understand the difference in the two paemakers. As for having a baby, I'll let someone else answer that question.

A pacemaker is a medical device designed to regulate the beating of the heart. The purpose of an artificial pacemaker is to stimulate the heart when either the heart's native pacemaker is not fast enough or if there are blocks in the heart's electrical conduction system preventing the

propagation of electrical impulses from the native pacemaker to the lower chambers of the heart, known as the ventricles. Generally, pacemakers do not treat fast rhythms of the heart.

When the lead from a single-chamber pacemaker is placed in the ventricle, the pacemaker is able to receive signals from and pace only the ventricle. If the lead is placed in the atrium, the pacemaker will be able to receive signals from and pace only the atrium. Depending on the cause and the nature of the bradycardia, the doctor decides where to place the single lead.

Dual chamber pacemakers have two leads: one in the atrium and one in the ventricle. Dual-chamber pacemakers are more complex and sophisticated than single-chamber pacemakers. A dual chamber pacemaker can receive signal from and pace both the ventricle and the atrium. It can also coordinate the signals and contractions of the atria and the ventricles to help the heart beat more efficiently.
In a normal contraction cycle in a normal heart, the atria contract first to deliver blood into the ventricles. The ventricles then contract after a short time interval.

Dual-chamber pacemakers can coordinate the electrical signals to the atrium and the ventricle so that this natural sequence of contractions is followed. Following the natural sequence of contractions improves the pumping efficiency of the heart.

Dual-chamber pacemakers are more susceptible to problems because of their greater degree of sophistication. These pacemakers can cause the heart to race inappropriately if confused by the heart's own electrical activity. Also, additional leads mean that more equipment can potentially fail. Thus, not all patients are good candidates for dual-chamber pacemakers. Some patients are better served with a single-chamber pacemaker. A qualified cardiologist or electrophysiologist is ideal to decide which pacemaker is most appropriate.


Single vs dual

by enzobake - 2007-09-20 09:09:18

Usually a person with intact AV conduction or compromised AV conduction will get a dual chamber device. Folks with Chronic Afib or Flutter or those who may only need the pacemaker once in a great while for back up or to respond to syncopal episodes are those where a physician may look at the single chamber option.
Without knowing your circumstances it is not possible to say why you are being upgraded, but with the recent switch towards minimizing Ventricular pacing, maybe your doctor thinks he can pace your atrium and allow you to conduct normally.
Just an idea. Try asking the Dr, I am sure he or she will explain it to you.

Thanks to Smitty, Marisab and Anzobake

by nildalawas - 2008-04-26 01:04:26

Hello guys got email from the PACEMAKER CLUB and had read all your comments. I thank you for explaining it to me...

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