Does PM help lung problems (i.e. COPD)?

Hello, I am 38. I had TGA open heart surgery (Trans of Great Arteries) in 1968 and Mustard Proc. in 1970. My heart rate has always been in the 40's & 50's at rest and does respond to exercise well. My sleeping HR is 28 to 35's. (This may have been the case for years.) I have been advised that it is now time for a PM. I also have a left lung issue most likely COPD (Chronis Obstructive Pulmonary Des). I have had pneumonia twice this year. And also I have had sleeping problems ever since. Does anyone know if a PM will cause any complications with a lung problem or will it improve my lung problem. MY THEORY: I think the PM will improve my circulation at night, therefore help the lung get more blood. Also, do I even need a pacemaker?


re: lung problems

by pat - 2007-09-19 05:09:59


i really cant answer your question about copd from a medical view, just from a personal one. i have had copd for about 9 years. I received a pm about one month ago and I know that I feel better and my breathing seems much better than it did before the pm.


by jessie - 2007-09-19 06:09:58

i was diagnosed with copd a year after my pacemaker implant. i feel fine i take spiriva once in 24 hours an inhalor and have no problems whatsoever with sob

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