Pain in arm, neck

Good Morning All,

I was just wondering if any of you have pain in your arm/neck after almost 1.5 mos. since pm implant. Last night it woke me up, I had a pain in my left arm (right where you would flex your muscle), and then a dull pain, but like a stinging in my left side of my neck. I also feel like my PM has moved up a little, closer to my collar bone. My GP says it is ok, but I'm wondering if maybe it is rubbing on one of the leads or something. I still can't sleep on my left side, is this the norm?


Pain in arm & neck

by djmann - 2007-10-30 04:10:55

After 4 years I have an aggravation of the neck muscle on that side when I use that arm to lift anything and the neck muscle on that side tightens up or spasms.
There is no pain in or around the pacemaker site; the massage therapist with our chiropractic office said that pectoral muscle connects to the shoulder and neck muscle and it can cause different responses and feelings for some people.
At least I know what causes the problem, but I find that any kind of exercise aggravates the are cause the pec muscle has a device sewn into it!!!!...which isn't quite the norm, right?
Good luck, you will feel much better once you have it checked out a bit more, I have written before,
wear a bra to bed for a while, it supports the pull on the pectoral muscle when you lay on your side and roll over.

Pain in arm & neck

by lindalouwho54 - 2007-10-30 05:10:09

I had terrible pain in my left arm for several weeks after my implant. The doc said that was because they insert the leads through that arm. It eventually went away, but the first three weeks were miserable. I lived on Tylenol 3 -- and I have a high tolerance for pain. (Think natural childbirth with a 9-lb baby!) But like I said, the pain did eventually go away.

left side

by dgknecht - 2007-10-31 02:10:53

i'm a fairly skinny male but i still cannot sleep on left side,
(impant was march '07) i still have weird pains that come
and go, but mostly have learned to accept them. i often have pain under my arm on the side of the ribcage, never had any neck pain tho, even after working out at the gym.

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