Hi there,
I had my first icd implanted in problems, then the battery went dead, had a new one implanted in Aug 2005. I have cardiomyophy, enlarged heart, very enlarged, I'm told, was dignosed in 1992, told I had about 1 year to live...well, here it is almost 15 yrs later, still here. I was cutting the grass yesterday and knew I was overdoing it, but just had one more cut to make...well, I made it and was shocked the first time, I headed for the front door, and was shocked again before I reached it, I sat on the couch and was shocked again...and again, and again..not sure how many times I'm guessing 6. I just sat there, hands clenched, waiting for the next one, and started praying...finally my heart rate went down a little and I wasn't shocked again..thank God. It was horrible. I sincerely thought I was going to die. If any of you have been shocked, you know what it's like.I thank God I had it, otherwise, I may be in a casket right now.



by luckyloo - 2007-09-15 07:09:57

hi there,

did you get your device interrogated? was it an appropriate shock?

i certainly know what a shock feels like. i got the 32 joules first was suppose to start low and work its way up. mine was an inappropriate shock though due to a fractured lead. sometimes dr.'s put the target rate too low and when you exercise it shocks you. they had to put my settings higher because i'm young and run.

if you had appropriate shocks then thank God!!! it's nice to hear these things actually work and save lives isn't it? lately it seems all you hear about is recall, recall, recall!

thank God you're ok!

did you know there is a function that they can turn on where your ICD will alarm as it is charging up to shock you? you can t5hen sit dopwn and prepare yourself. my dr. said a lot of people don't want that on though because sometimes the device charges but doesn't deliver a shock because the persons heart calmed down.

take care!

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