new pacemaker

I just had a pacemaker implanted 3 days ago. I had an ablation for SVT 7 years ago and in the process the doctor damaged my
AV node causing me to have 1st degree and 2nd degree heart block at times. Wednesday I passed out leading me to my pacemaker.
I'm glad I found this site to talk to others who have a pacemaker like me because most don't understand the fears and thoughts that go through our minds.
Look forward to talking with you.



by ela-girl - 2007-09-10 02:09:30

Hi, Lynn!

Glad to have you along! You will find this site a great source of comfort. Every one here is so helpful and you can usually find someone to answer your questions or who shares in your condition. Please feel free to post any of your concerns as they come up--no question is silly! Since pm surgery is considered minor heart surgery, our doctors can have the tendency to be lax in giving us information about what to expect.

Happy pacing!


by Vicki - 2007-09-10 02:09:55

Hi and welcome to the group. I'm relatively new too and so happy that I found this place. You will find lots of info here. I practically spent a whole day reading all of the different posts and learned so much. I had my PM implanted on an emergency basis due to complete heart block on July 18th. You are right, unless you have experienced this a person doesn't know the fears and anxiety we go through. Knowledge is power and you will find so much info here. It sure helped me with my anxiety level.

Take care,

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