Do I dare ask about sex?

Yesterday I was participating in "extra curricular activities" when all of a sudden BAME!!!. This has never happened before. I have not had the chance yet to get with the doctor but I will be letting him know. It scared the crap out of me. I wasn't hurt but it made my ears ring and feel like I got hit with a baseball bat. I also must admit that I had three cups of coffee earlier (I know, I know). Bad combo (kids don't try that at home). Anyways I am wondering if anyone else has had this and how many times. God please tell me this is an anomaly.



PM or ICD?

by ela-girl - 2007-09-10 01:09:30

Hey, James!

There is a post further down the list about 'shock and in contact wth someone' that you might want to read. And don't bother about posting a sex-related question. If you're ever on this site and notice when others post these kinds questions, that post tends to get the most reads! Even some great comments! You'll be the most popular one around! j/k Hey, us pacers are pretty energized now that we have our handy dandy devices!

You don't say if you just have a pacer or an, that's what I was wondering about. Let us know!


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