just had pacemaker fitted left withopen wound

Hi everyone. im from the uk i am 42 and i have just had my first pacemaker fitted which came as quite a shock to me as i had been feeling tired had all my bloods tested and they were fine, it was only by chance that i had to have a laporoscopy that they did a pre med ecg where they found i had a ectopic heartbeat within a month i was fitted with my pacemaker on the whole i feel 100% better. but when the surgeon stiched me back up he overflaped my skin and when they took the stiches out the wound opened up have been in and out of the hospital has urine infection then the wound became infected so was put on 2 antibiotics but now the wound is healing slowly, half has closed but still open round the ends has anyone else been in this situation. thank you jatinder


Open wound

by peter - 2007-09-09 02:09:25

Souinds like a poor job to me. A very neat wound should be achieved after pacemaker insertion. I would not want the same person to replace my pacemaker when the battery runs low.

Doctor incompetence????

by auntiesamm - 2007-09-10 04:09:31

It sounds very strange what you have described. Is it possible you have an incompetent doctor? If I was in your situation I would looking for another doc quickly and get the incision taken care of properly. It should heal so that you can barely see it. My PM was May last year and the scar is difficult to even find! Please get another opinion!


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