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Hello everyone !
I had a pacemaker, a St. Judes placed in Aug 23 2007. Everything has gone well. I have been lifting weights pretty regularly very light and conservative with the blessing of my Cardiologist. On wed 31st of October I pushed it a little harder. Anyway as of last nite my left pectoral muscle every so often starts twitching, the muscle itself. It is visible to the naked eye.

My question is this...If I did some damage to the pacemaker, leads wires etc. would this be one of the symptoms?
Im thinking it just might be the muscle involuntary response from a hard work-out.
Thank you so much!


Hi Charles,

by Gellia2 - 2007-11-01 06:11:36

It is possible that you have broken atrial wire. Or, it may also be that the pacemaker shifted slightly when you were weight lifting and you are feeling the atrial wire checking its impedance. This was my problem! It does this at a set time. In my case, I picked up my 50 pound dog. The next day I started getting three 7volt jolts every three hours. I have unipolar wires (implanted in 1982) so the pacemaker battery itself, along with the wire, forms the complete circuit. It would send out this 7v shock, down the wire and back to the pacer, and I would twitch quite a bit. Let's say I became a clockwatcher and would make sure I wasn't holding hot coffee. LOL
My EP was able to turn this function off so I no longer paced the muscle, but he did caution me that he felt I may have a break of that wire within 2 years. As both wires function independently of each other, and my atrial is not critical for my pacing function this worked fine. I no longer get the jolts that paced my shoulder and arm.
You should call your Dr. or EP and have them check the impedance of your wires, especially the atrial wire. If, when he checks it, you feel the jolt, that is what it is. On the other hand, if your atrial wire impedance has changed, you may have a broken wire.
Twitching isn't normal. A pacemaker is NOT supposed to shock you or jolt you. You do need to see your dr or EP for this, though.
I hope this helps! Check each time you feel the twitch and see if there is a repetition. If so, the impedance check may be it!
Best of luck to you!
P.S. If you find your jolt is rhythmic and would like more information, please email me directly. Best to you!


by tcrabtree85 - 2007-11-02 02:11:30

I have had my pm since March and I have had problems with what feel like a twitch or spasm starting in June. They ran all the tests on my lead saying it was ok and still haven't exactly figured out my problem. They are looking at scar tissue being part of my problem and also saying that when I turn the wrong way it could be getting a little close to the nerve. I also have a St. Jude and would be interesting to hear what they find out when you call into the doctor.
I wish you luck. Many thoughts and prayers as I know the pain isn't always fun.


me too

by dgknecht - 2007-11-02 11:11:03

i got a St. Jude also and i have the twitch a couple of times
a week, sometimes i can get it to start by just putting the
seat belt over the pm, sometimes i can get it to stop by
elevating my elbow to shoulder height straight out away from the shoulder. i work out also and i think it's just a nerve gets rubbed by the pm, but i am anxious to see
what you find out.

twitch in pectoral muscle

by perroloco429 - 2007-11-05 05:11:21

Hi everyone and thanks for all of your responses.
I talked to my Cardiologoist in regards to the twitch in my pectoral muscle and he informed me that the twitch in my pectoral muscle has NOTHING to do with my pacemaker but rather the muscle just reacting to a good chest work out . The pacemaker has nothing to do with muscular activity outside the chest.
Im glad to say the twitch has gone away and I'm working out really good.
Will be in touch,

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