doing well

Hello again, well its been a week since i had my icd installed and iam doing fine pain is gone no shocks going monday to remove stitches and back to life , amyone need any hael or questions just ask ill help all i can....

thanks again



by Surferman - 2007-09-08 11:09:32

Chris. It sounds like everything went well and you're
on to a full and speedy recovery. Looking back, it seemed like such a frightening experience - but in the
hands of a skillled surgical team, it seems like it was
a cakewalk. The old saying, haste makes waste applies. Don't rush things; let your body do its healing
unbothered by stress and strain. The fourth week is the best one; that's when the swelling goes away and you'll
get so much more mobility. Are you wearing a sling to
immobilize your arm? Do you put a pillow under it at night? Just remember, we're all holding posive thoughts.


by Aztec - 2007-09-10 02:09:29

thanks for the courage, no sling no pillow im doing reall good , dint know i had to ,
thanks surferman.


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