Upper Respiritory Infection

Does anyone know the complications of having an upper respiritory infection with a pm? As in will it last longer. Because I've taken antibiodics and now 3 weeks of having the infection the area where my pm is hurting. What I mean is beneath the skin between the pm, pain everytime i move or i slump or slouch. It's also becoming hard for me to breath. I was talking to my mom over the phone and she said she could hear me breathin funny. So anyone know????
p.s sorry for my tangents, I'm a teen I get into a lot of them


Call your doctor

by hooimom - 2007-09-28 03:09:13


I agree with ela-girl and Susan...call your doctor. Three weeks is a long time to have the infection. My PCP has me flagged on the computer and when I call, she sees me. She has told me not to worry too much about PM complications from illness but she doesn't take chances. It certainly can't hurt to call!

By the way, I am 43 and go off on tangents all the time! Don't worry about it.


I would go to the doctor!

by ela-girl - 2007-09-28 12:09:47

Hi, marisab.

I'm no doctor, but it could be pericarditis. When you get drainage into your lungs when you are sick, the infection can spread to the lining of your heart (pericardium) via the lining of your lungs. It tends to work it's way towards the heart because of the pm being a foreign body. This is what my Ep told me (something to that effect). Anyways...you can usually tell pericarditis because it becomes harder to breathe and it hurts to breathe. And you notice it more when you're laying down and it may feel better when you bend over. I know...I've had it. It got worst and diagnosed after I had a cold that went into my lungs and over to my heart.

Feel better and let us know what you find out!

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