Lead Pull

Hi- does anyone know if you feel it when you pull a lead? I was just curious as I had my PM put in 3 weeks ago and am paranoid that I will put a lead. Do you know when you do it?



by pat - 2007-08-31 09:08:38


i am like michelle, i haven't had a pulled lead)(not that I know of) I have just had my pm for 1 week and 1day today :) but i know how much it makes you paranoid. i was afraid of moving my arm at all and all i got out of it was a stiff neck and arm lol. but really just try to forget about it for now (i know, a lot easier said than done) and be glad that we all have a new lease on live. when i weigh my worry about the leads and remember how awful i felt for a few weeks before i knew what was the matter with me, it makes things look a lot better. hang in there honey, they say it gets better with time.



by hooimom - 2007-08-31 10:08:03

Hi Lucybell,

I can't really tell you what a pulled lead feels like but I did want to share that lots of us were paranoid about it happening. Most people do not experience a pulled lead. Be careful not to raise your arm over your head and don't lift anything over the limit your doctor gave you. My limit was 5 pounds but others on this site have had 10 pound limits. Try to relax. You'll feel more comfortable with everything soon.



by pinkypie - 2007-09-01 05:09:29

hi let me tell you that you will know for sure when you pull a lead.i had first pm in 2003 in august last year i started feeling un well i kept on passing out,the pm would stop working for about 7 to 10 seconds at a time then all of a sudden i would jump back to life it was the scariest time ever,i have nightmares of it ever happening again ,i was feeling a bit funny last week and went and got checked one of leads needed to be tuned i tought it was happening all over again this site is cool every1 on here goes through the same which makes stuff less scary thanks every1


by kish - 2007-09-04 01:09:21

Hi I pulled a lead I wasn’t even out of the Hospital yet, when it happened. I didn’t actually feel it come out or anything but I was laying on the bed I want to eat because I was hungry and I was feeling like Had before the pacemaker dizzy and all that they thought it was just because I just had the surgery And I was like its not working they tested and took me for x rays and it had came right out you could see it just hanging in my x-ray. When I went to leave we were all concerned it would happen agene, they said that if it came out that would most likely no. I would probably be feeling the way I did before the pacemaker. A few weeks ago after I passed out and landed on my left side they were worried about the leads, but One of my lead just needed to be tuned as well Hope that helps a little

Pulled lead

by Eva - 2008-01-21 08:01:25

This past weekend my lead pulled lose. Went to the ER, and they told me it was just muscle spasms. They sent me home after being there all day. They told me to just rest. Everytime I would get up, the spasms would start again. By Sunday afternoon, they were so severe my bed would shake. And I had a hard time getting my breath. Went back to the ER. The lead had moved 3 inches and was up against a nerve and my diaphragm. The spasms were similar to ab crunches with a shock everytime you come up. They turned off the lead. I am so tired and wore out. Tomorrow I go to have it replaced.

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